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{Legends} Make yourself history [Skilling] [PK'ing] {Legends}

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{Legends} Make yourself history [Skilling] [PK'ing] {Legends}

Post  jorda on Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:37 am

Hello! I'm Jorda, owner of this clan.

We are an all around clan, we accept anyone, any level, any account type!

Main Thread Here

List of Members
Name Rank
Jorda Owner

Wish to apply? Please read everything below.

Clan chat channel name: jorda


  • I reserve the right to kick anyone out of the chat and/or out of the clan at any time.
  • No disrespecting other clan mates, especially those of a higher rank.
  • No asking for a higher rank, I will give it to those whom I believe deserve it.
  • If there is a 'noob' in the chat don't complain, help them out.
  • Any questions you want to ask, or you want to maybe start an event, consult me about it!
  • Have fun!


  • Owner: This is me! Other than if my account were to get hacked, there is no way to get this rank! I watch over everything while not taking total control.
  • General: This is usually a co-owner. They are basically like a replacement for me when I'm not there.
  • Captain: Very high ranked officers, these usually assist the General's. Kind of like a player mod assists a real mod.
  • Lieutenant: Warlords, they usually are veterans in our wars, or highly honored members. Have control over several squads of soldiers.
  • Sergeant: Honored soldiers, or honored members. Usually have control over a squad of soldiers.
  • Corporal: Regular soldiers or semi-honored/active members.
  • Recruit: Just joined, looking to make their mark in Legends!


Ingame Name:
Combat Level:
Total Level:
What type of account are you?:
(Ex. Skiller, Main, Pure..ect.)
Anything else:


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